The Via Domo team will help you take your wetcast products and new developments to a whole new level. Modern processes and outstanding partners find

the optimal approach with great commitment. We systematically reduce your cost pressure. Scalable and powerful, but also aesthetically beautiful products

promote an inspiring and livable environment for people.





  • Project planning
  • Prototype development
  • design
  • Model and tool making
  • CAD construction
  • Use of CNC processes
  • Composite multi-shell molding technology
  • PUR moulds
  • Specially reinforced moulds
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Thin-walled hard molds
  • The finest detail
  • Longevity
  • Release agent adjustments


  • Concrete formulation
  • Concrete technology
  • Resistance to aging
  • Colour designs
  • Surface protection
  • UHPS and SCC


  • Mixed attempts
  • Processing technology / plants
  • Test specimen manufactur
  • Safe digestion of concrete agglomerates


  • Project coordination
  • Full and partial automation
  • High flexibility
  • Fast amortization
  • Wetcast plants
  • Single units Colour dosing


Empowering Your Wetcast Business





Are you interested in wetcast products and their production? For a cost reduction and higher quality? Probably because you suspect that you can achieve greater market success with wetcast products and efficient production?


Your products should convince your customers! But how can you counter the cost pressure or cheap offers from other industries (tiles, etc.)?


The secret lies in the efficiency in development and production and in the intelligent networking of the right partners.


Generally speaking, you need (!) dimensionally stable products, successful designs, a high level of process reliability or the optimal concrete formulation, without even talking about the possibilities of automation and the integration of the latest technology.


Your goals are certainly also to reduce costs, to implement and network quickly, to introduce tested designs with a high probability of sales and more efficient processes (e.g. faster colour changes or faster development times). By the way, many customers have products developed from the requirements workshop to the market launch.


We can dock on each of these objectives and offer you excellent solutions. But it would be dubious to make promises to you. The devil is in the details, that's why I propose to you, call us or contact us. In a one-hour briefing, let us clarify what you need and how we can use our product, production and project experience.


We look forward to your contact request!



Matthias Rimmele


Can you already answer these questions positively?

  • Do you know in advance the chances of success of your new products? Are you already working with special prototypes and colour studies for selected customers?
  • Are you using the right mould technology with regard to aging and dimensional stability for the respective product?
  • Are you using suitable release agents and aging-resistant surface protection systems for your concrete for high colour and surface stability?
  • Can you rely on a high level of flexibility in the factory, e.g. to be able to carry out quick product and colour changes? Are these processes sufficiently automated?





Brand new from our Partner EZ Casting




  • Exclusive, handpicked wooden surfaces on different wetcast products
  • Elegant and accurate wetcast products without development costs
  • Product-specific and new innovative polymer moulding technology



HardRock is a revolutionary and innovative new development in mould making, that was created in close cooperation between EZ Casting and Via Domo.


Our customers



- are market leaders in most European countries, of which several award-winning products have been produced in our moulds and made possible by our prototyping


- are major market leaders in the USA and Canada. Products of our shapes are literally 'spread' across the entire American continent, which we are very proud of.


- are in India, Middle East and South Africa, which are traditionally wetcast countries and we are increasingly successful with holistic offers.


- are many German manufacturers with whom we partly carry out intensive development projects on completely new terrain.



In the meantime, over 1000 projects have been created, for which we thank our customers!



In the picture our Montana stone series in the USA


The current posts in various media


What does the excellence triumvirate for wetcast forms look like?


 Would you like to bring aesthetically beautiful and successful products for our world and its environment onto the market? We call the basics the triumvirate of wetcast excellence.


High quality aesthetics are only possible with the reproduction of the finest details. Precise modelling and manual skills are essential for this.


Specially reinforced moulds are made based on your new product created in this way. These reinforcements guarantee you long-term dimensional stability.


German and European moulding materials (such as polyurethane) with exceptional properties make moulds as thin-walled as possible and therefore cheaper.


So: the finest details, reinforced moulds and extraordinary materials - that is the triumvirate for your continued success and for products that represent an aesthetic enrichment for our environment. Get to the bottom of this triumvirate, talk to us :)



This is what the Champions League looks like in the wetcast industry!



Which procedure can do that? Modern wetcast technology succeeds in coordinating the design (surface, size and color) of floor panels, wall panels and special components such as stepstones with each other. Rapid prototyping enables the first moulds and prototypes to be created after a short time.

This enables manufacturers to produce customer and project-specific products of the highest design quality without compromise! The use of high-performance concretes creates thin-walled and high-performance products. No other procedure can do that!


With the groundbreaking 'HardRock' mould technology from EZ Casting and Via Domo, detailed, thin-walled and thus cost-effective molds are provided at short notice after the prototyping phase. These sophisticated process steps give wetcast manufacturers a reaction speed that has never been seen before. And on a new level!


If more beautiful, more aesthetically pleasing products can be created, we have made a valuable contribution to a more beautiful environment with lower costs and greater chances of success! You save time, are flexible and deliver the highest quality. This is what the Champions League looks like in the wetcast process.



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