Dear customers, dear friends


We have to do something and face the serious economic crisis after Corona and the often all too simple and ugly designs in today's construction. If not now then when? A beautiful and high-quality aesthetic can hardly be narrowed down, in my opinion, boring and 'cheap' grey surfaces, facades or buildings do not meet this requirement.


With successful wetcast products, you and we can make a valuable contribution to a more appealing and inspiring environment.

We have thought about your product philosophy and your markets in over 1000 projects worldwide.


For this reason, we have continued to work and developed holistic approaches that are essential for the development of successful products. In this way, we work even more closely and on a project basis with our outstanding partners. You can rest assured that we all get top performance.


And we want to take the success of the wetcast industry to a new level together with you, that spurs us on every day. When it comes to nicer products and a nicer environment, we have all achieved something together.


I am looking forward to talking to you!



Matthias Rimmele



Our beliefs

  • Wetcast manufacturers need answers to the cost pressures and solutions for a high aging resistance of their shapes, their stone surfaces or the colour design
  • They expect dimensionally stable products that can successfully stand up to any other floor or wall covering.
  • A successful design, high process reliability or an optimal concrete formulation require the right decisions in advance.
  • Wetcast products should convince customers! In close cooperation with our customers and partners, we tackle the challenges in product development or wetcast production and thus significantly increase the chances of success.



Our approach


You will receive clear recommendations from us for a systematic approach. This is about the interaction of our prototype production, the optimal moulds or the first colour concepts from test forms.


An optimal recipe, higher strength through modern mixing technology or an economically optimal working system are the topics that you can discuss with us. You will find that there is a variety of technologies available to us and in the individual companies.


In order to make permanent progress visible to everyone involved, we use cloud-based software in the project team that is emerging.




Matthias Rimmele


Born and raised in Ehingen (Donau), near Ulm (Donau).

Studied geology at the University of Tübingen (structural geology and geophysics)

2000 Management of the family-owned brick company with 3 locations

2011 Acquisition of the brand and the operational business of Via Domo GmbH (from Rampf Formen)

2019 Successful Concrete Products founded

2020 Via Domo UG (haftungsbeschränkt) founded