Welcome to the Via Domo® wetcast platform! On this new and worldwide unique wetcast platform, you are the focal point of our efforts. We pool the capabilities of extraordinary partner companies and offer on this platform products, wetcast news and comprehensive supports.

These are the most modern moulds, colours, surface protection systems, outstanding production facilities and a unique mixing technology. In addition, we also offer the new services, technologies and offers of our partner companies and by ourselves.


We are meeting the challenges of your production process with the relevant companies and wetcast specialists, respectively.


We will be happy to advise you, bring you together and we are immediately accessible.



Empowering Your Wetcast Business



  • We make your wetcast productrs fit and systematically successful!
  • Wetcast producers need answers due to high costs and solutions for high ageing resistance of their moulds, all stone surfaces and colour design.
  • You expect dimensionally stable products that can successfully withstand any other floor or wall covering
  • A successful design, an high process security or an optimal mix design need the right decisions in advance
  • Your products must convince your customers! Tackle those challenges in a close collaboration with us: the challenges in your product development and in your wetcast production, respectively,  and increases your sales possibilities significantly.


Brand-new by our partner EZ Casting


  • Exclusive, hand-picked wooden surfaces on various wet-cast products
  • Product-specific and new innovative polymer moulding technology
  • Elegant and accurate wet-cast products without any development costs




HardRock is a revolutionary and innovative new development in mould making, which was created in close cooperation between EZ Casting and Via Domo.


Your Top Wetcast Partner



Our ground-breaking technologies and achievements


  • Prototype production and first test moulds using manual-creative design, CAD/CNCoder3D printing.
  • Dimensional stability due to unique reinforcements in the moulds of the 'Smart Wetcast Moulds' from Via Domo
  • Modern concrete technology analyses
  • Release agent development and adaptation
  • Development and modification of concrete formulations based on the original raw materials
  • Measurement of the ageing resistance of all relevant product properties
  • Development of the colour design
  • Innovative surface protection systems
  • High concrete qualities due to optimum mixing effect. Reliable development of cement agglomerates. Mixing trials.
  • Full and partial automation of your Wetcast system with high flexibility and rapid amortisation.
  • Digital print
  • Use of high-performance concrete

Do You know ...

  •     Do you know the chances of success of your new products in advance? Do you already work with special prototypes and colour studies for selected customers?
  •     Do you know the ageing resistance and dimensional stability of your moulds? Do you use the right mould technology for the respective product?
  •     Do you use suitable release agents and ageing resistant surface protection systems for high colour and surface stability?
  •     Can you rely on a high degree of flexibility in the factory, e.g. in order to be able to carry out rapid product and colour changes? Are these processes automated?



Products of the month  - wooden surfaces


Categorize according to the 'Via Domo Lines'!


  • the categorisation by the 'Via Domo Lines'

  • ask for our brochure, which contains the possibilities of each Wetcast Line!   

  • We differentiate systematically in Country  - Ceramics  - Modern Line  - Technical Line  and Interior

What science has discovered is that the decision for an alternative is less rationally based than the result of a chemical-biological process.


It is therefore very important to understand the types of behaviour that make up your customer groups.


Important factors include format, material, feel, appearance and, of course, price and product name.


We are aware of these interrelationships and can incorporate them into your product development.





...to the movie about the conical mixer from Kniele


We are looking forward to this cooperation with you and guarantee a holistic and success-oriented approach with new developments

and the efficiency of our partner companies.


Wetcast products can become the profitable face of your company. State-of-the-art concretes, a modernised machine park and the ever more important individualisation will be essential building blocks for this. Your products will be less subject to extreme price competition in the future and will allow many unique selling points tailored to target groups.




Matthias Rimmele