You will receive a modern CAD design and prototyping of the highest quality. We maintain a close exchange with your product management during the development process. Here we show you more possibilities for your further development.


Our outstanding polyurethane

 After months of testing various polyurethanes, a few years ago we defined an exceptional Central European PU as the Via Domo standard.


The test results were conclusive: Enormous tear and tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, low thermal expansion and high load-bearing capacity. And: It has a high tolerance to various release agents and concrete admixtures.



Technologies that we can make available for the further development of your excellent Wetcast products.


  •  Prototype production and first test moulds using manual-creative design, CAD/CNCoder3D printing.
  • Dimensional stability due to unique reinforcements in the moulds of the 'Smart Wetcast Moulds' from Via Domo
  • Modern concrete technology analyses
  • Release agent development and adaptation
  • Development and modification of concrete formulations based on the original raw materials



  • Measurement of the ageing resistance of all relevant product properties
  • Development of the colour design
  • Innovative surface protection systems
  • High concrete qualities due to optimum mixing effect. Reliable development of cement agglomerates. Mixing trials.
  • Full and partial automation of your Wetcast system with high flexibility and rapid amortisation.
  •  Digital print
  • Use of high-performance concrete