Via Domo has grown with mould development and production and has supplied customers worldwide. In the meantime, EZ Casting (see under 'partner') develops and produces designs, prototypes and the associated moulds based on CAD constructions. Today we offer the most modern and innovative moulds in the world.



Mould gallery of our partner EZ Casting

Smart Wetcast Moulds


  • Reinforced polyurethane moulds
  • Optimal dimensional stability
  • Sufficiently flexible, also for manual demoulding
  • The side walls collapse and dimensional changes are prevented



We differentiate between the two basic types:



'Typ L' and 'Typ S'




Smart Wetcast Mould Typ S

  • The side walls are reinforced for the first time worldwide with special high-quality strips (18-24 mm width), the bottom with a glass fibre fabric.
  • These moulds (single or multiple moulds) are self-standing, no production frames or boxes are necessary. They can be screwed to the underlay board.
  • The lower weight and the no longer necessary production frames / boxes make handling in production easier.






Smart Wetcast Mould Typ L

  • The side walls are reinforced for the first time worldwide with special strips a few millimeters thick and integrated into the wall. There is also a glass fibre fabric in the bottom.
  • This type of mould is used with production frames or boxes, both as a single and as a multiple mould.
  • Undercuts are possible to the same extent as with conventional moulds. The elasticity is given to the usual extent.



Created in close collaboration between Via Domo and EZ Casting



Via Domo® Smart Precast Mats


A special high-performance polymer allows us to produce individual structures and surfaces as ultra-thin structural mats (about 1.5-2 mm thick).


A fully automated process technology enables a constant strength.


Prototyping enables exclusive surfaces such as natural stone surfaces or structures developed using CAD.


Logo cut-outs are also possible via a CAD construction and a special process technology.