Polyurethane moulding technology


  • Reinforced polyurethane moulds
  • Optimal dimensional stability
  • Sufficiently flexible, also for manual demoulding
  • The side walls collapse and dimensional changes are prevented
  • Exceptional oil resistance


We differentiate between the two basic types:

RM-Light and  RM-Stable





  • The side walls are reinforced for the first time worldwide with special high-quality strips (18-24 mm width), the bottom with a glass fibre fabric.
  • These moulds (single or multiple moulds) are self-standing, no production frames or boxes are necessary. They can be screwed to the underlay board.
  • The lower weight and the no longer necessary production frames / boxes make handling in production easier.







  • The side walls are reinforced for the first time worldwide with special strips a few millimeters thick and integrated into the wall. There is also a glass fibre fabric in the bottom.
  • This type of mould is used with production frames or boxes, both as a single and as a multiple mould.
  • Undercuts are possible to the same extent as with conventional moulds. The elasticity is given to the usual extent.


Via Domo® Smart Precast Mats


A special high-performance polymer allows us to produce individual structures and surfaces as ultra-thin structural mats (about 1.5-2 mm thick).


A fully automated process technology enables a constant strength.


Prototyping enables exclusive surfaces such as natural stone surfaces or structures developed using CAD.


Logo cut-outs are also possible via a CAD construction and a special process technology.